Sunday, 14th September, 2014

There’s no right shape or weight.

never too thin

Set sensible targets.

We want to remove all obstacles that may prevent you from completing the challenge. It’s never too late to put your best foot forward, so pull on your walking shoes and get ready to burn 20,000 calories in 10 weeks!

Walking has no upper age limit. There’s no “right shape” or “right weight”. Build your self up gradually, set yourself sensible targets. As with any large challenge it’s easier if you break it up into stages. This is a tough event. It’s no walk in the park, you’ll need to be in peak condition to finish. Even someone in good physical condition will find it a huge challenge. The best way to train for this event is to WALK! Training is easier in a group, get a few friends and organise yourselves. Variety is the thing to keep your interest up. Try and walk in all weather. Rather than plod around the same route, mix it up, get out and see different parts of the country. Here are routes you mightn’t have tried before and some further afield if you fancy something completely new.

Training Plan

Training Steet thumbnailWe've devised a rock-solid, 10-week training plan to guarantee you’re in prime fitness for the event. Click to download, pin to your wall and then mark off the distances each week. Take note of what worked and what didn’t, try and replicate the good stuff. Below are a list of some routes that you can inorporate into your training plan to give it some variety.

Armagh area
Dungannon Area

Walking events & festivals

walkni logoFor detailed information on all these walks and 100s more, plus walking festivals in your area